Innovative, Non-Partisan, Non-Profit

The Tuke Foundation is an independent, non-profit mental health education and advocacy group.

Our mission is to improve the practice and delivery of mental health care through the exploration and dissemination of radical ideas and forward-thinking solutions!

Why we do what we do…

Despite the rapid growth of the mental health industry over the past three decades, the UK suffers higher levels of mental illness than ever before, with record levels of antidepressant and psychiatric drug use, and suicide rates that haven’t improved since the 1950’s.

We believe that current approaches to mental health focus too much on short-sighted solutions such as diagnostic labeling, medication, and “self-help”, and not enough on broader considerations such as people’s personal history, family circumstances, community issues, employment and financial problems, and even philosophical issues such as spirituality, purpose and meaning.


Independent, Grassroots Research

We believe that mental health research is an area in which true innovation is sorely lacking with funding often restricted to research that falls within the narrow parameters of government guidelines and special interest groups.

Our aim is to conduct truly innovative research, free from the restrictions of industry politics and the private sector profiteering motives that encourage the pursuit and promotion of bogus quick-fixes and “miracle cures”.


Read, Watch, Listen, Learn

The rise in mental health awareness has inadvertently fueled a thriving market for self-help gurus, snake oil products, and disinformation. We want to push back against this movement by providing high quality, trustworthy educational content.

To that end we collaborate with academics, activists, and other leading voices from a wide range of disciplines to produce freely available, consumer friendly videos, articles and podcasts, covering all aspects of mental health and well being.


Helping You Help Others

We offer a range of seminars and workshops on various aspects of mental health and well-being, including talk therapy, self-care, staff and student support, and more.

We also offer pastoral care implementation training for schools, colleges, universities, non-profits and public sector organisations.


Collective Intelligence

We host a number of conferences and symposiums throughout the UK, bringing together some of the brightest minds and most influential voices from a multitude of disciplines, all with the aim of encouraging debate, collaboration and the exchange of ideas.

All our events are open to both industry professionals and members of the public.


Real World Impact

All the education and training in the world counts for nothing if it doesn’t translate into real, tangible results.

The culmination of our efforts at the Tuke Foundation is to design and implement effective, affordable, sustainable community projects which work to improve the lives of people in the UK who are struggling the most.