Dr. Anamaria Churchman


Following the completion of a PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Manchester, I am keen to use my skillset to explore mental health interventions designed and informed by service users. While the main focus remains to alleviate immediate distress, our work at Tuke Foundation is to explore longer-term solutions that could prevent difficulties from emerging. This includes the role of families, schools, communities and the society overall in supporting and promoting positive mental health.

Daniel Whittaker


I’m a former service user with a history of “agoraphobia”, health anxiety, and substance abuse. My main areas of interest in mental health are research methodology and malpractice, anxiety “disorders”, social deprivation, trauma, and men’s issues. My professional history includes media content production, business development and networking, and project management, all skills that reflect my day-to-day duties at the Tuke Foundation.